October 26, 2020

Vampire fetish 101 — Understanding the sexual and sanguine kink

Dacosta Michael

Let’s face it — vampires are everywhere. From movies and TV to literature and video games, these blood-sucking creatures of the night stalk all forms of entertainment that we enjoy. And as such, it’s only fair to talk about why some people care for vampire-themed fetishes and kinks. Our article aims to explore the human fascination with all things sanguine and sexual.

Why do people love vampires?

The story of vampires goes back to old European folklore. Namely, the first instances of people talking about nightmarish creatures that suck blood come from Serbia. But back then, vampires weren’t sexy and seductive by any means. They were mythologically feral and terrifying, unlike anything we see in modern pop-culture.

However, by the end of the 19th century, Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula changed our expectations of vampires and paved the way for a more modern approach. His antagonist was no longer a one-dimensional bad guy whose one goal is to suck people dry. The count had a character arc, emotions, and powerful motives for his wrongdoings.

Years later, Anne Rice expanded on Stoker’s ideas and wrote a series of books about vampires. She gave us young-looking and attractive creatures of the night that would serve for a big-budget Hollywood adaptation of her work, “Interview with the Vampire,” starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. They were strong, intelligent, and, most importantly, sexy.

In other words, Rice’s vampires are everything people aspire to be. They’re dominant, charismatic, and do whatever they want to. But most importantly, they’re morally gray, having character depth that makes us relate to them. On the other hand, some people enjoy being their victims and feel sexual arousal from being their ghouls.

But what about the blood?

It’s easy to understand why vampire-themed sex goes great with the bondage culture. It’s edgy and sometimes seems too much for ordinary people. Still, BDSM is full of sub-groups and labels that can get super confusing for outsiders. So, when it comes to blood-play and vampires, we can safely say there are two main groups.

Firstly, we’ve got the vampire fetish. It consists of enjoying the lifestyle and lore that surrounds these fantastic creatures, but it doesn’t have to mean that you love to play with blood. People who participate in this fetish might only like to act and dress up like actual vampires, but hate the thought of bleeding. It’s simply role-playing.

On the other hand, other people are embedded in all things sanguine. They get a thrill from seeing blood and playing on the edge. And just like the previous group, they can but don’t need to be into vampires. These sub-groups aren’t always about sex nor are they mutually inclusive.

Just like people who participate in them, kinks and fetishes are individualistic. However, sex communities don’t feel that way and enjoy putting labels on things. Of course, that’s because it’s easier to find other people who are into similar stuff like you. But past that point, it all comes down to personal preferences and fantasies.

Different kinds of vampires

Since it all comes down to what turns individuals on, you can classify a wide variety of different people who enjoy the vampire fetish. Here are some of them…

  • Goth/Victorian fashion vamps
  • People who embrace the nocturnal lifestyle
  • Those who enjoy biting (odaxelagnia)
  • Mind control vampires
  • Spiritual ones who feed off your energy
  • Pop-culture vamps
  • Those who enjoy period sex
  • Only role-playing
  • Once-in-a-while people

Of course, there are many more, but there’s no point in mentioning them all because you’re going to leave someone out unintentionally. The ones we’ve listed will give you a good enough idea of what it means to play around with vampire fetishism.

Is it dangerous?

Like with any other form of BDSM, there can always be some sort of danger lurking around the corner. Unfortunately, some people try to abuse the culture and use it as a caravan for their abusive behavior. But don’t worry — there are ways of making sure you don’t get in danger while experimenting with vampire or blood kinks. Here’s how.

To make sure everything plays out safely, you should focus on communication before, during, and after the deed. This way, you’ll make it clear what’s acceptable to you and your partner. Also, you should implement safe words to stop anything that begins to feel out of hand. No matter if you’re a Dom or a sub, a safe word must mean stop.

There’s no room for physical or mental abuse. Everything you do must come from an agreement beforehand. After all, BDSM has clear rules that every act should be safe, sane, and consensual. Only then will your fetish be complete.

How can i explore this fetish more?

Luckily, the internet has your back on this. You can find thousands of sites and forums dedicated to vampire fetishism online. They vary from basic, vanilla stuff to pretty much extreme kinks where you can find another vampire enthusiast to play along with your fantasies. It all comes down to what you find sexually exciting.

Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate safety. It’s important to surround yourself with stable people who play along with the rules. In the end, it’s all about browsing sites, forums, and social media platforms for groups of people who feel the same as you do. So, take your time and do your homework before you head into the night.