November 30, 2019

Sex Dolls: A Solution or a Problem?

Dacosta Michael

In a time when you can arguably get whatever comes to your mind, it’s rare for us to look back on how things were back in the day. We can almost say that we take most things for granted nowadays. Well, to some degree, that’s correct. But let’s take a brief stroll through memory lane with our plastic partners — sex dolls!

The first records of lifeless dolls made to help with masturbation date back to the 16th century. Sailing the great waves of the Atlantic, European sailors would bring doll-like bags, wrapped in female clothes, to help them through long and lonesome sea journeys. Unlike the almost realistic sex dolls we have today, these body doubles weren’t high-quality. But that didn’t stop the smelly sailors from spilling their loads inside them.

Although love dolls kept popping up through various history books, it wasn’t until the Second World War that they became interesting. Worried that many of their soldiers were getting STD’s, the Germans began sending life-size female sex dolls to their troops on various fronts. These were quite different from the sailor ones, resembling actual humans far better. But this isn’t the only time Germany was at the center of this sex doll story.

After the war, in the ‘50s, the first commercial dolls popped up in Germany. Some twenty years later, latex and vinyl started to overtake the doll producing business. So, the life-like sex dolls we know today were born in the ‘70s. Of course, we’ve gone a long way since those days, but the roots are still present.

Sex Dolls Satisfy Some Fetishes

Owning sexy dolls isn’t just about helping you wank your load into something — for some people, it’s way more. It’s a way of overcompensating for a certain kink you have but can’t quite experience. For example, some couples would love to try out a threesome or a cuckold session, but they can’t find the third person.

In a way, silicone dolls are a great way to mix up your relationship. If you’re able to get over the fact that it’s a lifeless object, your three-way will work just fine. Of course, it’s important to talk about it with your partner before you go for it. You know, communication and sharing are essential for everything to work.

On the other hand, some people just want to cheat on their partners. We know, it’s pretty lame. But you know, people do that stuff. We’re not here to be a moral guide, but maybe it’s better to love a sex doll rather than to break someone’s heart.

Sex Dolls for Solo Play

Whether you fall into the previous categories or not, it’s only fair that we talk about how dolls are meant to be used. Both female and male sex dolls were brought to us to help with masturbation. To help convince us in a believable way that we’re not alone. Of course, that’s hard to pull off, but times are a-changing.

Nowadays, you can get fully realistic love dolls, made almost like an android from a sci-fi movie. They’re so believable that it’s a bit scary. Of course, they’re lifeless, but the attention to detail is outstanding. No longer do they look like those silly 70s vinyl balloons — they are realistic silicone sex dolls fully.

The business is booming. Therefore, a lot of porn stars are giving rights to companies producing sex dolls to make products that look like them. Yes, there were a few lawsuits, but that stuff didn’t involve adult movie stars — it was something else entirely. So if you’re in love with some performer, you’re probably going to find their official doll for sale online.

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Sex Dolls May Cause a Population Problem

We know this sounds a bit silly, but if you give this some thought, it might stop being funny. With how realistic both female and male love dolls are becoming, people might start favoring them over real partners. See, the thing is, you can do whatever you want to a doll since it is lifeless objects. On the other hand, you just can’t pull off all of your fantasies with another human being.

Some reports talk about how a trend of falling in love with artificial partners and robot sex dolls is booming in Japan. A country with a rather big population is starting to have problems with its demographics, as young people are more prone to masturbate and live in a fantasy world with their dolls.

So, once this trend becomes popular in Western countries, you could see a potential problem arising. Of course, this is a wild theory, and it doesn’t mean much now, but you can speculate. It’s an interesting story, for sure. Maybe we’re heading into a sci-fi premise we used to think was far-fetched before.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Dolls Can Cause Relationship Problems

Talking about sex toys is easy, but successfully incorporating them in an actual relationship isn’t. Different people have different ideas and kinks. Hence, it’s not always easy to understand each other’s motives. The same goes for sex dolls.

Remember how we’ve mentioned threesomes and cuckolds? Well, these fetishes can make or break a couple. Only a few people can accept sharing their partner with another person, let alone watch another man fuck their wife. That is why they opt for dolls instead.

Unfortunately, for some, just the idea of your partner wanting to be intimate with another person, even if it’s a doll, is more than they can take. Knowing deep down that they’re not enough for their lover is a pretty bad feeling, often resulting in breaking up or divorcing.

Another problem that can come about from sex doll use is not knowing when something is enough. Playing with a doll is easy — you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. But, with a real human being, it’s just not that simple. People tend to forget, and that leads to unfortunate outcomes.