November 30, 2019

Sex Dolls: A Solution or A Problem?

Dacosta Michael

One of the most loved of all sex toys, Sex Dolls have been ruling the adult toy industry for years. Gone are the days when these gorgeous dolls were only linked to perverts. Today even married couples weave their own fascinating adventures with sex dolls! Also, they don’t shy away from proclaiming their love for sex dolls. Fret not, they are perfectly healthy individuals who enjoy an amazing love life with their respective partners.

However, there have been debates around both the positive benefits and negative side-effects of sex dolls. Those who are in support of the concept emphasize these dolls as a viable outlet to explore one’s sexual fantasies when a partner is not available. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a great partner in life. But carnal needs can’t be ignored. In fact, if suppressed for long, physical needs will seek for possible outlets which are not always legal or ethical. Sex dolls help a person to answer his or her physical needs when these are possible to realize with a human partner.

On the other hand, there are counter-arguments tagging sex dolls as an instrument to make a person excessively addicted to sex.

But, despite all such arguments and debates, the ever-rising popularity of sex dolls can’t be denied. Mention must be made of Mr. Howard Stern who has been a huge influential figure for the growing acceptance of sex dolls since the 90’s. Ever since the famous TV show host had intimate moments with a RealDoll on air, the orders for the pretty sex doll reached to a rocket high. As of now, the company sells 300 dolls annually, starting at $5,000+ each.

However, the immense popularity that sex dolls enjoy today is not only because of a 90’s show. There is a whole bunch of amazing factors that have made these beautiful dolls almost a part of modern mainstream society.

What’s so special about sex dolls?

Here is a brief on the awesome features of sex dolls.

Life-sized and realistic dolls

Sex dolls are designed in life-like size of humans so that they can easily act as a substitute for your dream boy or dream girl. This is one of the major reasons behind their greater popularity compared to other sex toys like dildos or vibrators. Modern sex dolls look as well as feel like real women or men in flesh. Sex doll manufacturers use premium materials to create eyes, skin, hair and all other body parts to create a realistic appearance.

These dolls also boast realistic sexual organs. The female dolls feature a fully working vagina and soft real-like boobs while the male ones sport lifelike penis. Most importantly, the genitals in sex dolls are strategically designed to create real-life sensation while one insert it or enters into it. The manufacturers take great care to engineer the organs with appropriate textures to create a feel almost similar to real-life sexual pleasure. Thus, you will find female sex dolls with beaded and ribbed vaginas as well as firm and soft boobs. You will be able to suck the nipples of the dolls just the way you suck nipples in a human female body. In regards to male dolls, you will find them with long, thick and rock hard penises that are always ready to penetrate.

Great for both solo and partner sessions

The main aim of sex dolls is to provide an almost human-like sex partner to single individuals who are unable to explore their sexual desires due to the lack of a partner. Yes, you can always masturbate to release yourself when you are flying solo. But nothing can beat the charm of having another person (read almost person-like) next to you when you are at the peak of your libido. When you are having sexual urges, you would always like to feel and touch a human body, suck it, lick it, bite it or enter it- which is not possible when you are all alone. This is where sex dolls come to the rescue of the single souls.

Interestingly, couples too find sex dolls really interesting and involve them enthusiastically in their intimate plays. These dolls work as a substitute who wish to try threesome or foursome with their partners but don’t involvement of any “human” here. In fact, some of them even prefer to carry a sex doll on their solo trips when the other partner is unable to accompany them. You can’t really tag it as “cheating” on your wife when you release yourself into a doll. A doll, no matter how life-like, is not exactly a human. In fact, according to many couples, sex dolls help to add more excitement and spice into their passionate adventures.

They never get tired

Sex dolls will never get tired no matter how many times you ride on them. At times, it’s really frustrating to find your partner deep in sleep after a hard day when you are all charged up for some hardcore action. In such instances, you can always play with the sex dolls and enjoy your high yet without disturbing your partner.

Responsive dolls

The sex doll industry is a dynamic space that loves to experiment with advanced technologies. Thus, you will find modern sex dolls today equipped with heating and sound technology for a responsive and more realistic feel. These cutting-edge dolls will even moan in delight as you will enter into them while you will also feel a certain degree of warmth when you will touch her.

The 21st Century sex doll industry has even come up with AI-equipped sex dolls that can even follow a conversation with users.

Could there be issues?

Well, according to some skeptics, sex dolls can make people sex addicts since sex is seamless and easily available with them. It’s true that a sex doll will never deny you anything nor it will ever get tired. But, it’s also true that no sensible healthy person can ever become addicted to sex just because of sex dolls. End of the day, we all crave for a human touch, hug and kiss which a sex doll can’t provide. They are more like our temporary resort when we don’t have a partner readily available or when we instantly want an outlet to release ourselves.

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