June 29, 2020

I had sex with an angel, and no one believes me

Dacosta Michael

I’m a 29-year-old woman who doesn’t believe in heaven or hell. But recently, I had an encounter that would change my mind. I had sex with an angel, and no one believes me! Now I have to confess my sins somewhere before I go crazy!

I didn’t believe in them, at least before this happened

Personally, I’m a free woman, and I’m not religious. I don’t believe in a greater power located above us in a magical realm called heaven. I also come from a non-religious family. Moreover, angels and demons have always been a foreign concept to me, but I have never judged anyone for their beliefs, and I generally accept religion for what it is. 

Plus, my choices in life don’t exactly fit into the Christian lifestyle. A lot of the things I did and still do will probably earn me a one-way ticket to hell! If you’re a nun or a preacher and you’re reading this, now would be the time to cross yourself or look away. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I have no moral code. I simply have to and need to do what I want to feel free. If you abide by any religious code, the fear of committing sin can limit you. And that is why I’m not religious. I love sex for pleasure, and I certainly don’t want to change my sexual kinks just so they could fit into a religious mold. 

This once in a lifetime trip to the church changed everything

One day, my friend Breanna invited me to come to church with her and a few other girlfriends. I hadn’t been inside a church in a long time, and my friends kept insisting that I should tag along. Alright, no big deal. I knew I could handle an hour or two in the church to keep my girlfriends happy.

Anyways, my besties wanted to attend the service. They also wanted to see if the church would be a good choice for Breanna’s wedding. And this meant that, as a future bridesmaid, I would have to behave. I gathered my courage and prepared for a few hours of boredom. Or so I thought! Fortunately, I didn’t burst into flames when I set foot at the church, but I was honestly prepared for that due to some of my “sinful” acts. 

The service started off like any other, and among the crowd, I saw a gorgeous-looking man with a strange aura around him. He was looking up at the ceiling, and his chiseled jawline shimmered in the Sunday sun. I stared at the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and it wasn’t long until our eyes met! Hello, you gorgeous secret half-brother of Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling!

He was oozing with sex appeal, and I instantly got the chills. Who was this stud, and how can I meet him? We exchanged a few glances, and I hoped that he would approach me. I wanted to have him then and there and didn’t care about being on holy ground. Then, I jokingly prayed and asked God if I could meet that man. The rest is a “be careful what you wish for” kind of deal. 

I’m an angel, baby

After the service, my friends and I stood at the church entrance for a few minutes. I kept stalling them just so I could get a chance to meet my brave prince. Also, I was fucking horny, and I knew exactly what I wanted. 

Remember, this guy was so hot that he actually made me pray! As we stood outside, I prayed again. This time, I felt a bump on my shoulder. Sadly, my chances looked bleak because the person who bumped into me was just an old woman. She literally rushed past me, and I hit the door of the church. What the fuck?! Then, I saw him.

He walked up to me and asked if I was okay. Speechless, I nodded, and he looked me straight in the eyes. He asked me my name and wanted to know if I came here frequently. After a few awkward moments of me stumbling over my words, he asked me out. “Oh, my God!” was the appropriate reaction. This guy didn’t only look amazing, but he was sensitive, caring, and I felt like I already knew him. I met him at a bar later that evening, and we had a few drinks.

We talked for hours and quickly clicked together. And the more the time passed, the more I knew how the night would end. I wanted him badly, and his eyes told me the same. 

A few hours later, after midnight, he was inside me. I literally surrendered to his every desire in bed. I don’t know what he did, but I’ve never experienced anything like it. Paranormal sex is the only way to describe it! As he was penetrating me, I asked, “Who are you?” He thrust deep inside me and whispered, “I’m an angel, baby.” 

The holy ghost…ing

When he said that, I let out a scream and came harder than ever before, pushing him deeper inside me and taking every drop of his holy seed. The next morning, he disappeared.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. I never heard from my angel again. Was he really a son of God who came to me in my hour of need? Or was he a fallen angel who left heaven and came here to have sex with daughters of men? I really can’t answer this question. But I do know that I had the best sex of my life with him. He had gorgeous eyes, body, and his pants concealed a holy weapon that would renew most women’s faith in Christ. 

Obviously, my girlfriends would think I’m crazy if I told them about angels having sex with humans, let alone about an angel having sex with me and cumming inside me. So was I being ghosted, or did my angel move on to other human women? 

Either way, I would never experience angel sex again. When my friends ask me about that cute guy from the church, I simply make it humorous and tell them that I had sex with an angel who ghosted me. In my alone time, I tell myself that God created angels for a purpose, and that purpose was to get me laid!