May 17, 2020

How to Have Steamy Sex — Vampire Style

Dacosta Michael

Vampire sex is fun, and we’re about to teach you how to do it. Submerge yourself into the fantasy world and experience what it means to be the vampire or their helpless victim. You definitely won’t regret it! 

There are some elements to this kind of play you should keep in mind. But don’t worry — we’re here for you!

Vampire Sex in Novels and Movies

We all know of vampires. How so? Novels and movies, mostly. That’s where we can find some of our favorite bloodsucking characters. It doesn’t matter whether you have the hots for Dracula or Edward Cullen — you’ve imagined what it’s like to have sex with them. 

Vampire sex is vastly glorified in all kinds of media. Maybe we don’t see it so explicitly in movies and shows (because of keeping it PG), but novels are a whole different story. Sex scenes in literature can be as obscenely described as possible, and how you imagine them depends on how wild your imagination is. 

Knowing all of that, it’s only natural that people would take an interest in real vampire sex. Not only that, but they want to experience it themselves too. Now, that can be a bit difficult since vampires may or may not exist (we’re keeping our minds open). Still, you can always role-play a steamy session or two. 

How can you possibly achieve that? Don’t you worry! We have a list of things for you to do to have the most vampiric experience possible. So, let’s sink our teeth in. 

Light Tons of Candles

Can you even have vampire sex without any candles? They’re absolutely essential to bring your experience to the highest level. Besides, there are multiple ways you can also use them during sex play. 

Having a lot of candles creates this dark (we see the irony), sensual atmosphere. That is perfect for your vampiric adventures. Why? Well, vampires are known to be lustful creatures. Setting the mood like this will only ensure you have the utmost fun. 

How do you use candles besides setting the mood? Temperature play! You can get special candles that will be hot enough to arouse you but not hot enough to hurt you. That is especially important if you’ve never done it before. It’s always essential to stay safe, even when you’re banging a prince of darkness.

Since vampire sex requires some level of pain, don’t be scared to take a leap of faith and try new things.

For people who are into DIY, check this article to know how to make a DIY candle.

Be in Control

If you’ve ever wanted to show your partner who the boss is, this is the perfect way to be just that. Both of you can take the role of a vampire, or one of you can play the victim. What’s important to note is that the vampire is the one in control. So, this is also a great way to try some sub/Dom kinks. Nobody is as submissive as a vampire’s victim.

How can you be in control? Stick to the regular things, but know that there are ways to spice them up just so the scenes are more authentic. As we know, vampires are inhumanely strong. That means that while you can’t throw your partner against the wall, sex against one is possible. Don’t be afraid to rip some clothes, throw some pillows, make a mess! Vampire sex is all about being wild.

Dress Like a Vampire

This is where you can go absolutely nuts when it comes to costumes. Channel your favorite count or be a seductive countess — the world is literally your oyster. If you’re not into the medieval vibe, you can always make your vampire modern. Hey, your vampire should look however you imagine them to look! There are no limits. 

Still, maybe you’re not really trying to go all out. Maybe you just want to dip your toes and see what this vampire sex thing is all about. That’s perfectly fine too. To complete the experience, though, we suggest wearing red. 

There are countless studies done on the fact that men find women in red slightly more attractive. That can mean red lingerie or simple pajamas (if you’re playing the victim). Why? Only men know. Either way, this is something you simply cannot go wrong with. So, for the ultimate seduction — go red.

Bite the Neck

Oh, come on! Did you really think we were going to skip this step? Biting the neck is an essential part of vampire sex. Hell, it’s an essential part of being a vampire in general. How else are you going to feed? Some real-life vampires (yes) claim that this is a mere stereotype, but we think it’s a very sexy one. Who doesn’t like their neck kissed and then bitten? We know we do. 

When it comes to biting the neck, please note that you don’t actually have to go for blood. No blood needs to start flowing for this to be authentic. You can pretend like you wanted to draw blood, but you ended up changing your mind because there’s just something about your victim that won’t let you do it. There are so many ways you can play. 

With all of that in mind, you can still leave your mark as many times as you like. Being aggressive is a part of the play, after all.

Use Some Teeth

This goes for more than just the neck. We’re not saying just start biting your partner all over. You must do so strategically and in a way that won’t hurt them — a lot. 

Besides the neck, all other areas of the body are for you to conquer. Yes, that includes all of the parts you’re focusing on during oral sex. It’s essential to remember that these parts are extremely sensitive, so don’t use a lot of force when you’re biting. Vampires can be gentle too, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for them to bite gently. 

Other than that, go to town but don’t go too crazy. A little bit of pain during foreplay or intercourse can be quite pleasurable. In turn, this pleasure blocks the painful sensation. See? It all works out as it should. So, don’t be afraid to show some teeth.

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Those are all of the things you need to keep in mind for steamy vampire sex. Many of those things we already do regularly, like neck biting. However, when you pair it up with a costume and some candles, the fantasy just comes to life. Once you let your partner show you what vampire sex is all about, you will always let them come back to bite.