December 22, 2019

How Demons Draw You Into Having Sex

Dacosta Michael

You don’t have to be particularly religious or anything to believe in the paranormal. Sometimes, the things we do in our lives seem like they’re out of our control. It’s like we’re puppets on a string, waiting for someone or something to pull on them. Sure enough, it’s hard to explain the feeling, no matter how creepy it might sound.

And no, we’re not trying to sound like those fake ghostbusting TV shows you see on the Paranormal channel. We’re not into that crap at all. Even if today’s science seems to be able to solve and explain everything, some things remain out of our grasp and understanding. Therefore, let’s talk a bit about demons of seduction and how they affect our lives.

Demons of Seduction

Throughout human history, people described all kinds of monsters, demons, and supernatural beings. Depending on the topic, they’d serve to explain different things we as a society couldn’t. Strange behavior, deadly diseases, unspeakable crimes, you name it. All these things were the doing of some shady, unexplainable monsters from the dark.

But how do demons do their magic? Do they just flip their fingers to make you start acting the way they want? Well, no, it doesn’t work like that at all. The thing is, you have to show some interest for their spell to start working.

Demons of seduction look for people with the potential for doing something unholy. They target troubled people, looking for a quick and easy way to fix their problems. Once you show yourself as such, the story says they’ll come and seduce you. Yup, their angle is to come in good-looking and all, seduce you, and scoot.

You see, demons come looking like angels. They’re never in their beast-like form, with fangs and claws. Heavenly looks and sweet talk is the name of their game. Hence, succubuses and incubuses are beautiful-looking men and women that come in your dreams to seduce you with sexual activity.

How Demons and Spirits Seduce Men and Women

Like we’ve said already, trouble always comes in with a big smile and a lovely face. Unfortunately, that’s just a mask it wears to fool you into doing something stupid. And since we’re here talking demons and sex, what better way to lure someone into sexual intercourse than to come looking like a top model or an A-list Hollywood actor? Yup, that’s just how it goes.

If you’re no demon, see these tips how to lure a woman into sex.

Coming into your dream and seducing you with their looks and sweet talk, they’ll overcome even the hardest of folks. It doesn’t matter who you’re attracted to — beautiful men and women can both appear and offer their body to you. Of course, in such a state, it’s easy to say yes and succumb to their will. And if that becomes a practice, you’re destined to lose yourself completely. That’s at least what folklore says.

Once you have surrendered to them, everything starts going downhill. Unfortunately, you’re not aware of that, seeing how they’ve got you in their grasp. Sexual intercourse with unaware men and women is the demon’s gateway to our souls. Furthermore, it’s a path that leads to destruction and damnation or, in some cases, the birth of a demon child.

Succubus and Incubus

Since both sexes can come under fire from an evil spirit, it’s only normal the demons come looking like both men and women. And no matter if you’re gay or lesbian, the folklore states that a demon will know how to get to you. Hence, a seduction demon in female form is known as Succubus, and a male one is called Incubus. Both words, Succubus and Incubus, come from Latin, loosely translating as “lying under” and “lying upon,” respectively.

Both forms come looking like something or someone you desire. They appear as a beautiful, young, and attractive presence that longs for your touch and passion. And let’s face it — a wet dream is the best way for them to approach their prey. You can expect a demon to lie as they force themselves on you and take away your soul and sanity. At least that’s what some people would have you believe.

It’s an unholy union, made from lust and kink. Sure, some people get off on such stuff, but others find it terrifying. But no matter what group you fall into, playing around with evil spirits and deities isn’t the best thing to do. And it doesn’t matter if we believe you or not. It’s important what goes around your head when push comes to shove.

What About Offspring of Demons and Spirits?

Sure, unprotected sex leads to offspring, and evil spirits sure as Hell don’t use condoms or contraception pills. Joking aside, this isn’t “Omen” or any other horror movie we’re talking about. But some people believe that sex with demons can lead to cursed offspring. Moreover, the famous devil’s child.

Do you remember “Rosemary’s Baby?” Of course, we’re talking about that famous  Roman Polanski movie with possession and a pregnant woman. Well, this stuff can lead people into a whole new world of crazy. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people claiming they’ve brought an evil spirit into the world through a child.

Sure enough, kids in horror scenarios are the worst. We don’t know about you, but in our minds, there’s not much more horrifying than seeing them. And you don’t have to believe in this sort of stuff to never want to see a kid in harm’s way, but isn’t it better to not involve kids in these discussions? Yeah, we think so too.


Anyway, be sure you’re clear about things you believe in. No matter if these things exist or not, it’s key you find peace with yourself and others. In case you doubt your sanity and sanctity, go talk to a therapist or a priest. Feeling guilty won’t do you any good, and being cursed… Well, it just might be even worse.