September 7, 2020

How Angels Guide Us and Help Us Find Sexual Partners

Dacosta Michael

Do Angels Help You Find Your Ideal Sexual Partner?

Whether you imagine your guardian angel as a baby cherub or a mighty being of light, the fact is that they are there, looking over you. They offer guidance, support, and a clear path to your divine destiny.

Everything we do, every choice we make, and every decision we ultimately come to, is predetermined. That doesn’t mean that we have no choice, of course. We have plenty of options in life, and, thankfully, we have someone (or something) that will nudge us in the right direction. Angels are always there to help us pick and choose.

They offer direction with anything we need. And we do mean anything — from the inconsequential, minor things, like finding a parking space, to monumental, life-changing ones, like finding sexual partners.

Do Angels Help You Pick Your Partner?

Picking a partner is no easy task. You have to find someone with sensibilities that are similar to yours. What’s more, you have to actually like them.

Being sexually attracted to someone isn’t enough. Sure, sex will probably be great, but sexual attraction does not make a relationship (Sexual attraction vs Romantic attraction).

So, we have to choose our partners carefully. If only we had someone who’d guide us through this process. It would be much easier, right?

Well, we do. Our guardian angels will always try to nudge us in the right direction. They can’t exactly shout in our ears, “Yes — that’s the one! Don’t let them get away!” But they’ll do their best to give us a sign that we’re on the right path with our current or potential partner.

Angels influence our decisions about life and relationships. They won’t send you your perfect sexual partner to you all wrapped up in a bow. Life simply doesn’t work that way. What’s more, it would be boring if it did.

Can you imagine getting everything you want and need without having to work for it? Dull, right?

How Angels Guide You to Your Perfect Partner

Now, just because our guardian angels can’t drop us directly into the lap of our perfect partner doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their best to guide us towards them.

The angels are the hands of God. Therefore, they always know what’s best and, more importantly, what’s right. Do you know that gut feeling you sometimes get? We’re talking about that tug that seems to come from the very core of your being? That’s your guardian angel communicating with you.

When they want us to know something, our guardian angels might talk to us in our dreams. They’ll try to entice us without influencing our decision so much that we are left with no choice. Dreams, feelings of tingling and warmth, as well as hearing guiding voices and seeing signs in our daily lives, are all manners of communications that angels use.

However, it’s important to note that this communication isn’t a one-way street. If you feel like you need guidance or can’t figure out what your guardian angel is telling you, ask them to be more clear. Ask them to send you a clear sign or come visit you in your dreams.

Do Angels Influence Your Life Decisions Regarding Sex?

Here’s the thing — angels know what we need and what’s best for us. Therefore, since they know everything, they also know who our perfect sexual partner might be.

Our guardian angels are perfectly aware of what we need to be happy. They know our sexual preferences, desires, and needs. So when they push us in a specific direction, we should really listen. The angles will rarely lead us astray.

Let’s put this in simple terms. So, let’s say that you are dating a bit and don’t have a committed partner. You’re testing the waters and checking out what’s out there. While that’s great and it might give you a few fun Saturday nights, you’d like a steady sexual partner instead of one night stands.

The question is — how do you choose?

The answer is simple. Listen to all those little feelings you get when you’re with someone. Are they positive or negative? Do you have the feeling that you should split or stay?

When we’re open to their guidance, angles will clearly tell us what to do. Maybe not in so many words, but they’ll send us all the necessary signs.

Perhaps they’ll give you a particularly vivid dream about a specific person. Or, alternatively, they’ll send you an old family friend who will describe your perfect companion in a casual conversation. And, lo and behold, that actually describes that person you went out with last Friday! That can’t be a coincidence, right?

Of course it isn’t. That’s your guardian angel doing their best to get it through your thick skull that you should set up another date.

How to Know Your Guardian Angel

Guardian angels are spiritual guides that help us become the best versions of ourselves. Everyone has one, and they never abandon us. They’re there to lend a helping hand with anything we need.

We might not always see them as helpful (or even real), but that doesn’t stop them from making our lives better and easier.

Knowing your guardian angel isn’t like knowing a person. They have no names, and it isn’t up to us to name them. However, we can bond with them. After all, they are faithful, life-long companions of ours. It would be ridiculous not to try to get to know them, right?

If you want to do that, try communicating with your angel. Maybe ask them to send you a sign that they are watching over you. Or, let them know that you know they are there. Write them a letter, or talk to them while you’re alone. Confide in them, and see what happens.

A Few Parting Words

Chances are, your guardian angel is doing their best to help you out and communicate with you (even if you aren’t doing the same). So, if you’re in the process of picking a sexual partner, let your angel guide your hand.