June 19, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Sacred Sex

Dacosta Michael

A Short Guide to Sacred Sex

Many people consider sex to be taboo. It’s something that we do when the lights are out and nobody is watching (at least not without our consent).

Sex is dirty, right? It’s wrong and naughty. It’s something that we sneak out to do when we’re teens and young adults. We giggle while we think of it because we know we aren’t supposed to be doing it.

Oh, but it feels so good, doesn’t it? Many forbidden things do.

However, that way of thinking is wrong. Sex isn’t dirty. It isn’t something to hide and be ashamed of.

Sex can be (and is) sacred. It’s our way of communicating and connecting with another person, thus creating cosmic energy.

Sacred sex (or tantric sex) can help us transcend this plane of existence. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

People who know nothing about sacred sex are probably imagining two (or more) people getting dirty in a confessional stand in a church. That’s what most people think of when someone says “sacred,” right? They think of churches, saints, and the ever-judgemental face of their faceless God.

The sanctity of sex has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality.

Why IS Sex Considered Sacred?

Not many nations and religions find sex sacred. They’ve appropriated the word to mean something different than its original intention.

Sacred means holy, sure. But it also means blessed and respected. A long time ago, people considered sex to be sacred because it is the ultimate bringer of life. There can be no new life without sex.

Today, people see sex as something that brings self-gratification. It’s a short, pleasurable experience that they engage in from time to time. It’s also completely external. People gain external pleasure from watching others engage in sex or from briefly connecting with another person to satisfy a primal urge.

Now, some may ask, “How can sex be external when it provides internal pleasure?”

Well, when used for self-gratification and as a short-term scratch for an itch, sex IS external. It’s externally focused.

However, when we use sex to transcend this plane, and experience pleasure that serves as a conduit for other worlds, only then is sex internal.

Different nations, people, and religions have different ways of viewing sacred sex. However, inherently, all of them do consider it to be sacred. Some of us have just forgotten what that means.

What Is Sacred Sexuality?

Sacred sexuality means practicing ritual sex. No, we don’t mean having sex as a sacrifice to some higher power. Of course not.

Sacred sexuality means having sex as a means to achieve something more than simply satisfying your sexual appetite. Similarly to meditation, sacred sex helps people gain higher knowledge and achieve personal growth and inner peace.

Sacred sex allows us to reach the Divine and become one with it. Through sex, we connect not only with our partners but also ourselves and the higher plane. Our spirit and our soul are accessible to us, and by connecting and uniting with them, we also unite with the Divine.

But how does that happen? Well, when we’re completely open to it, we can express our unconstrained sexual energy and achieve divinity. Sacred sex isn’t necessarily a guided experience. You don’t have to have someone instruct you on how to unite with the Divine.

It can happen spontaneously or unexpectedly. What’s more, because different people, religions, and nations have different views and understandings of sacred sex, nobody can provide a step-by-step guide to sacred sex.

It isn’t something that can be explained in detail. Sure, we can talk, but no one can describe the experience in so much detail that you instantly know what to do. It takes a lot of introspection to achieve unity with both soul and spirit.

Sacred Sex Around the World

Erotic Fresco Painting From Pompeii — Image by © Mimmo Jodice/CORBIS

From pagan sacred sex and tantric sex to sacred sexuality in Taoism and Native American cultures — all cultures consider sex to be sacred. Today, people talk about orgasmic meditation and crystal dildos, while in the old days, they talked about achieving bliss through tantric and ritual sex.

The traditions of sacred sex differ, of course, but there are also many common points. No matter which culture or community you ask, sacred sex is all about making connections. You connect with your partner and with yourself, and through that connection, you transcend this plane and enter another one.

How to Experience Sacred Sex

Sacred sex enlightens you. You become more spiritually and physically aware. However, that’s not something that simply happens out of the blue.

You do need to prepare for sacred sex. Your mind needs to be open, and your body needs to be ready. Although many consider sacred sex to be a form of meditation, some regular meditation beforehand will not be amiss.

Ideal poses for sacred sex are — all of them! You don’t really need to be a gymnast to have sacred sex. You don’t even need a partner since you can connect with the Divine on your own. It’s all about the perfect state of mind and openness, more than it is about poses.

However, there’s a lot to be said about certain poses. The famous tantric Yab Yum pose will certainly make the entire experience more intimate.

In this pose, partners hold each other and wrap around each other completely, which makes it easier to synchronize their breathing and movements.

The Effects of Sacred Sex

Sacred sex turns one physical activity into a spiritual experience. Sure, sex is great no matter how you practice it. However, sacred sex has more effects than simple satisfaction.

As mentioned, sacred sex allows us to make the ultimate connections. It makes us more in tune with ourselves and the Divine. It makes us commune with nature. Like everything else, we’re a part of nature, and making that connection with it is the ultimate goal and a mind-blowing experience.

Sacred sex has far-reaching effects that alter our way of thinking, doing things, and, ultimately, our way of existing and going through life.