February 24, 2020

Can you do yoga while wearing a butt plug?

Dacosta Michael

When someone mentions yoga, most of us picture the weird, elastic poses that women all around the world are crazy about. We often tend to imagine it as a more mellow and sophisticated way of exercise. But in reality, yoga is much more than a group of Valley girls lighting up patchouli and listening to Devendra Banhart’s records.

Yoga is a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical exercises originating from India. It goes way back — based on how people speak about it, we imagine it goes back to the time before the Flood. But, it still manages to capture the interest of so many people. 

Unlike posers and elitists who talk about meditation and spiritualism, people who practice yoga actually have something to brag about. It’s pretty healthy for you, and it gets even better once you mix it with sex.

But we’re not here to talk about ethereal trips and sell you the idea of some esoteric secret yoga unlocks. We’re all about mixing self-pleasure and mental calmness. You might think it sounds strange but bear with us on this. We’ll explain butt plug yoga for you in no time.

Benefits of Yoga

Like we’ve already said, yoga is full of positives that affect both your body and mind. But it’s only fair we actually talk a bit about these benefits to clear some stuff out for people who aren’t aware of how it really works. Therefore, let’s examine what science and real doctors have to say about it.

Numerous studies over the years have shown that practicing yoga helps with stress. Just like sex, yoga relaxes your body and enables you to clear your mind. The “stress hormone,” cortisol, lowers with yoga, which leads to a feeling of calmness. Also, mixing it up with meditation will keep you in a more stable state overall.

Add to that the fact that it helps your heart stay healthy, and you’ve got yourself a winning outcome. Participating in a yoga session for a few months can regulate your blood pressure, which in turn keeps the possibility of attracting a heart disease close to zero. 

Moreover, yoga helps with anxiety and depression. The studies we mentioned talk about the connection of a lot of diseases with the way we feel inside. That means that keeping our minds away from bad thoughts affects our bodies in a great way. So it’s pretty simple to understand why mixing sex and yoga is such a powerful tool we can use to better our lives.

  • Benefits of Wearing Butt Plugs

    Just like yoga, butt plugs are a great hack for relieving ourselves from unwanted stress and anxiety. Not only are these sex toys great for relaxation, but they also make for additional stimulation and superb orgasms. So let’s talk a bit about why people use these rascals so much.

    Fist of, anal sex isn’t quite as easy to get into. Your backdoor is a lot tighter, so if you’re not prepared well enough, you’ll probably end up injuring yourself. That is why butt plugs are important. They prepare your ass for a potential penetration that won’t feel bad and awkward for both partners.

    If we add to that that stimulating your rectum leads to a more powerful orgasm, you get more than you asked for. Both men and women enjoy butt plugs, yet in different ways. Since anal sex toys act as prostate massagers, guys will get a vastly improved ejaculation. On the other hand, girls use them to up vaginal intercourse.

    All in all, anal play is a great way to enrich your sex life. Body-safe anal plugs tingle your nerve receptors and make both lads and lasses go wild. Add to that the overall health benefits from sex, and we can clearly see why these bad boys are all the rage amongst couples all over the world.

    Are There Any Benefits of Doing Yoga While Wearing a Butt Plug?

    It may seem hard to link yoga exercises with something going up your A-hole, but actually, it’s not impossible. Furthermore, experiencing that feeling of fullness that anal toys give you while doing a certain yoga pose is cool as hell. Stimulating your nerves while you go all zen with your practice is somewhat of an outer-worldly feeling, if we may say so.

    And if you add to that a public class, the level of kinkiness just skyrockets. Wearing a toy while the people next to you are completely unaware is some naughty stuff a ton of people only dream of. It may not be for newbies and those less ambitious, but for all of us who’re looking to get something more, it’s definitely worth trying.

    Things to Remember Before Wearing a Butt Plug for Prolonged Periods of Time

    All the things that we’ve mentioned would fall flat if we didn’t take time to talk about safety. As far as we’re concerned, the best possible experiences are strongly based on being aware of your limits. Hence, knowing what makes a safe anal session is, without a doubt, the only way to go about prolonged butt plug use.

    Primarily, you’ll need to be aware of the toy you intend to use. We recommend something with a flared base so that it does not get stuck in your bum. Also, use water-based lube — and lots of it! — to reduce friction and possible anal wall damage. Also, check what the toy is made of, as some people react badly to certain materials.

    But once you’ve done all of that, be smart and start small. Just like with all things in life, using anal toys for beginners should be kept at a starter level. It’s always better to begin with the smallest butt plug and gradually build your way up to the big guns.

    If you intend to go for prolonged sessions, you should first practice for just a few minutes. After that, increase your sessions to hours, and gradually you’ll be able to go for a whole day.

    Only when you become accustomed to a toy locking your asshole up can you start thinking of incorporating yoga sessions with it. You see, everything takes time, and building your way up in the anal game is no exclusion. Be aware of your limits and stay safe. It’s the only way to go.  And for your butt plug needs, we recommend going to loveplugs.co/collections/butt-plug for plenty of options to choose from.