You can say that Micah Ericson never left her childhood fantasies. In fact, she still fantasizes about angels, demons, and vampires. She developed a fantasy fetish during her teenage years, but like any other woman, she feels and acts normal.

There were people who judged her but she could care less about them. She just went ahead and started a blog where she could jot down all her thoughts. This is where she shares what keeps her up at night to help ease her brain. She creates beautifully-written articles and stories that she shares with its readers. Articles include what is it like to have this kind of condition, what can you do about it, and other stories that are shared by her readers.

Aside from Micah, she also works with a team who has the same condition. They write for the blog and share their conditions as well. So, check back frequently if you do not want to miss any update!